About us

Sakura Press Publishing is an independent Russian publisher, the first and largest manga publishing company in Russia.

The mission of our company is to develop manga market in Russia, and to present our readers with all the variety of works for various ages and of various genres.

Our advantages

  1. Specialization. Sakura Press Publishing is the first manga publisher in Russia. Our company was founded specially and solely for publishing of manga.
  2. Competence. We at Sakura Press Publishing are manga enthusiasts. We know the history of manga. We know how to publish and promote it in Russia. At the same time, we know all about Russian book market, thus having a comprehensive approach to manga publishing.
  3. Experience. Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals, who have their know-how. Most of them are the only ones in their kind, since manga was never before published in Russia.
  4. Wide distribution. Sakura Press Publishing is a member of AST Publishing Group, the biggest publishers association in Russia. Its powerful distribution system enables us to distribute and sell our books throughout Russia and in ex-USSR countries.

Our principles

Our first priority is the quality of localization. We always strive to produce the best translation and retouching possible, making its possible for our readers to have the same reading experience a Japanese reader would. That is why we translate not only text, but also all sound effects (onomatopoeia) and virtually anything that is written in Japanese throughout the book.